39 Parameters

39 Parameters are the contradictions that can be found in a system or object. Each of the technical parameters can be interpreted as an improving or worsening factor in a system. It is used to create the Contradiction Matrix that will help you to solve your problems easily by giving you the suggested 40 Principles.

39 Parameters List

1Mass of a movable objectburden, bulk, load, lightness
2Mass of a stationary objectburden, bulk, load, lightness
3Length of a movable objectwidth, height, depth, distance, range, span,
4Length of a stationary objectwidth, height, depth, distance, range, span,
5Area of a movable objectregion, space, zone, point of contact
6Area of a stationary objectregion, space, zone, point of contact
7Volume of a movable object capacity, space, room, size, bulk, compactness
8Volume of a stationary object capacity, space, room, size, bulk, compactness
9Speedpace, haste, rate, rush, rapidity, acceleration, slowness tardiness
10Strengthaction, reaction, push, pull, twist, load, inertia, acceleration, momentum, change of momentum, intensity, lift, drag, thrust, moment, friction, stiction, shear, grip, voltage
11Tension or pressurecompression, tension, creep, fatigue, thermal fatigue, chemical fatigue elasticity, plasticity, stiffness, vacuum
12Formpattern, profile, silhouette, form, outline, geometry, curvature, line, hand-shaped, head-shaped
13Stability of the object structureinertness, deformation, droop, tipping (over), distortion, oxidation, rusting, homogeneity, consistency, delamination
14Solidityfatigue, creep, bond, join, muscle, droop, distortion, stillness and rigidity
15Durability of a movable objectrate, period, frequency, natural frequency, mode, interval, phase, count, response-time, reaction-time, time-span, life, delay
16Durability of a stationary objectrate, period, frequency, natural frequency, mode, interval, phase, count, response-time, reaction-time, time-span, life, delay
17Temperatureconduction, convection, radiation, insulation, freezing/melting point, boiling point, heating, warmth, cooling, overheating
18Visibilitytransmission, absorption, reflection, reflectivity, frequency, shade, tone, luster, matt, shiny, surface finish, color, infra-red, ultraviolet, visibility, camouflage, emissivity
19Energy consumption of a movable object fuel-burn, consumption, heat-input, heating, cooling, calories, calorific value, current
20Energy consumption of a stationary objectfuel-burn, consumption, heat-input, heating, cooling, calories, calorific value, current
21Performance, capacityWattage, current, impulse, peak, steady, horse-power, shaft horse-power, action intensity
22Energy lossfriction, stiction, dissipation, turbulence, wake, interference, damping
23Material lossleak, wear, waste, abrasion, seal, absorption, desorption, deposition
24Information lossmisunderstanding, interference, distortion, filter, corruption, knowledge,  data, knowledge, memory, properties, message, communication capacity
25Time loss cost, delay, duplication of effort, time lost on redundant or unnecessary activities
26Quantity of materialflesh, body, matter, stuff, density, particle count
27Reliability / safetylife, life-cycle, through-life-cost, in-service, Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF), Mean-Time-Between-Overhaul (MTBO), integrity, maintenance, failure, failure-rate, durability
28Measuring accuracy  tolerance, go/no-go, error, repeatability, consistency, standard deviation, mean, median, mode
29Production accuracytolerance, go/no-go, repeatability, standard deviation, sigma level, quality assurance, surface finish, parallelism, perpendicularity, accuracy
30Exogenous, harmful factorsundesired effect, adhesion, sticking, contamination, weather damage, sun-damage, UV, Warpage, dust ingestion, mold impact
31Endogenous, harmful factorscontamination, infection, abrasion, taste, mouth-feel, hand-feel, EMI, RFI, side-effect
32Production compatibilityassembly, design-for-manufacturability, design-for-assembly, joining, machine-setting time, tool-change, convenience of manufacture
33Usabilitytraining, education, usability, learning curve, familiarization-time, ease-of-use, ease of transport, transportability, move-ability
34Maintenancemaintenance, assembly, disassembly, accessibility, recoverability, removability, cleanability, replaceability, modularity, interchangeability, convenience of repair
35Adaption capability, universalityswitching, modulation, variation, compliance, rigidity, tolerance, trainability, universality
36Complexity of the structure part count, interfaces, device complexity, object complexity, proportion, differential
37Control and measurement complexityaccess, location, integrity, visibility, being able to find the right parameter to measure
38Automation level robot, man-in-the-loop/man- out-of-the loop, de-skilling, repeatability, quality assurance
39Productivity/flexibilityoutput, value, operations, throughput bottlenecks

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